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July 02, 2007

Ed Keefner Airforce picture 455th 743rd Bomb Squadron

dad_helbig-120.jpg Nice picture of Edward Keefner and crew in Italy. Served in 15th Airforce, 455th and 743rd Bomber Squadron.

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    More information:

    Other crew member names are: Emil Kirchbaum, tail turret gunner; John Wade, engineer; George Winkelman, radio operator, waist gunner; Gerry Graham, waist gunner; William Hess, belly turret gunner, armorer; Charles Van Doren, nose turret gunner; Robert Helbrig, pilot; Martin Schwab, co-pilot and Walter Heidmous, bombardier.

    Go to There's tons of stuff about the 455th, including roll call and pictures of all the crews in each of the 4 squadrons (740 thru 743). Download the squadrons and go to page 241 of it.

    And read some of those emails on the 455th site. There's guys on there that know tons of stuff, especially a guy named Dave. Think he has an picture of the 15th Insignia with his name.

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